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We love riding, repairing, and talking about bicycles. The Bicycle has inspired us to explore, learn, and create community. Yup, we are passionate about bicycles!

We take the time to listen and understand so we can help you with your specific cycling needs. We truly believe in elevating cycling experiences, engaging and inspiring cyclists from all backgrounds. We are always excited to get people on bikes so they can start spinning their own two-wheeled tales.


He’s a local, and started exploring the East Bay on his bicycle in the mid 80’s. David started repairing bicycles in 1991, raced mountain bikes in the early 90’s, rode a fixed gear in the mid 90’s, and toured much of North America Summer ’99. He was service manager at Cycle City from ’00 -‘02, then moved out of the area. Came back to work the sales floor from ’08 -‘10. He started his current stint at Cycle City in August 2014. Your happiness is his job. “Happy trails.”


He started out as a customer, and when he asked for a job here, his enthusiasm and curiosity made us say “yes.” When he started in August 2014, Robert was riding a BMX at the local skatepark. He has since graduated to a vintage road bike and a full-suspension MTB. He won’t forget your name. Robert is also pursuing an education in astronomy. “I win!”


Another ‘boomerang’ Cycle Citizen, Josh first worked at Cycle City from 2002-2005. He left to travel internationally. After working construction in Alaska for 3 years, he returned to the Bay. We’re glad he’s back. He eats disc brakes for breakfast, full suspension overhauls for lunch, and electronic drivetrains for dinner. He started his current stint at Cycle City in January 2016. “It’s not done until it’s perfect.”


He started repairing bicycles in 1992. He worked his way up from mechanic to manager, and eventually wanted to own his own shop. He brings common-sense, situational awareness, and a strong work ethic into the workplace. In short, Harry sees the big picture: Customers need to be happy. Customers are happy when their bikes are professionally serviced on-time and on-budget, anything less is unacceptable. He founded Cycle City in February 1999. “Birds fly, fish swim, Harry fixes bike.”