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Burley Bee Child Trailer

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The Burley Bee Child Trailer is our most basic trailer, which we love for its simplicity. It's made specifically for those looking to bike on a budget, without sacrificing safety. At only twenty pounds, it is especially forgiving on your calf muscles. The Bee comes with padded, mesh seating, wheel guards and a recessed helmet pocket - and also conveniently doubles as an ice-cream parlor, spaceship or extremely cool fort.

Burley Bee

  • Fits 1-2 Children, Capacity = 100 lbs
  • Hammock-styled seat system with 5-point harness system
  • Clear windows with UV inhibitor
  • Includes safety flag and reflectors
  • Non-zip 2-in-1 cover for weather protection
  • 20 inch quick-release composite rim, with new wheel guards

Burley Child Trailers

  • All trailers have a full internal roll cage
  • Five-point seat harnesses ensure children's safety
  • Drum-tight fabric and side battens keep children away from moving wheels and spokes
  • Low center of gravity and even weight distribution
  • Hammock-style seats act as passive suspension and keep children from sitting directly above trailer axles
  • Cycling kit included with every trailer
  • 100 lb (40kg) capacity, except Solo, 75 lb (34kg) capacity